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Meat selection - Our meats are all natural,
farm raised and commercially
produced for restaurant and home use.

What Things Taste Like

Meat Prices

- Special Order items
are usually available within 4-5 days.

Pictured here is our Kangaroo Filet.

Sausages - 4 pk. package
Alligator Andouille Sausages
Buffalo w/ Chipotle sauce
Chicken w/ Apples & Cranb
Duck w/ Orange Liquor
Elk w/ Port wine
Lamb Merquez - Moroccan spiced lamb
Rabbit w/ White wine
Venison w/ Blueberry

Burgers/Grd. Meat - 1 lb. pks.
Alligator patties   
Buffalo - patties 2/1 or 4/1 pk.  
Camel - patties  3/1 pk.
Elk - ground
Goat - ground
Kangaroo - patties 4/1 pk.  
Kobe Beef - patties 2/1 pk.  
Lamb - ground
Llama - patties
Ostrich - ground
Rabbit - patties
Venison - ground
Wild Boar - patties 2/1 pk.  
Yak - patties 3/1 pk.

NEW Brats - 4 packs 12 oz.

Bangers - Scottish style - course ground breakfast brat 

Brats - Swiss Style - fine ground veal & pork 

Elk Brats w/ Jalapeno & Cheddar

Knackwurst - Garlic Brats - fine ground pork & beef 

Pheasant Brats - w/ Spinach, Mushrooms, Parm cheese 

Rattlesnake & Rabbit Brats w/Jalapenos and Garlic

Southwestern Buffalo Brats - w/chipotles & green chilis 

Tommyknocker's Beer Brats - w/ German Bock Lager

Wild Boar Brats - w/ Cranberry & Apricots

Misc. Items
Mulard Duck Magret Breasts: 12-14oz
Quail - de-boned, 4 per pack

Alligator tail filets: 1 lb. package
Kangaroo Filets: 1.5 - 2 lb. filet
Rabbits - whole - 2.5 lb
Pheasant - whole - 2-2.5 lb.

Wild Boar Sliced Bacon
Duck Bacon, sliced

Steaks, Ribs, Chops                Special Order items marked S/O

Filet Mignon
Rib-eye & Strip Steaks
Bacon - Sliced
Rocky Mnt. Oysters
Sweet Bologna

Tenderloin 5-8 lb.                      S/O
Stew Meat Cubes 5 lb. pack      S/O

Sirloin Steaks 6-8oz         in Stock
Tenderloin 2.5-4 lb            in Stock
Flank Steak - 1 lb. pk.      in Stock
Shoulder Roast - 3 lb.       in Stock
Stew Meat - 1 lb. pk.        in Stock

Steak - 6 oz                           in Stock
Burgers - 1 lb. pack                 in Stock

Patties 2 per 1 lb. pack     in Stock
Tenderloins 8oz                in Stock
Medallions   4 pk             in Stock

Wild Boar                     in Stock
Patties 2 per 1 lb. pack
Tenderloin - 1 lb. avg.
Knuckle mini-roast  1.5 lb.                   
Whole bone-in legs
Bacon Sliced
Testicles - 4pk, skinned

Snake, Gator, Misc. - in stock  
Alligator Tenderloin Filets: 1 lb. package
Python Spring Rolls and Python jerky
Quail - 4 pack

Our other great jerky & meat sticks:
Wild Boar


Jerky & Summer Sausage
From Alaska:
Reindeer Summer Sausage - Hot & Spicy
Alaskan Caribou Summer Sausage
Caribou Teriyaki Jerky sticks
Reindeer Jerky
Salmon Jerky
Arctic Ox Jerky
Canned Meats:
Reindeer stew meat in gravy

Great for stocking stuffers,
Halloween parties, and even Easter baskets.

We have dried Crickets, Larvets and Ants.
The crickets are similar to flavored croutons..... with legs.
Try all these delicious flavors.

  Bacon & Cheese
  Sour Cream & Onion
  Mexican Spice
  Salt &Vinegar
  Bar B Que
  Cheddar Cheese