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We offer a wide selection of delectable items, from sweet to savory! 

Fallot Dijon Mustards
Traditional Dijion
Green Tarragon
Old Fashioned Grain
Honey Balsamic
Honey & Balsamic
Horseradish Dijion

Olives & Garlic
McEvoy Ranch Tuscan table olives
Olives stuffed with Blue Cheese
Olives stuffed with Feta Cheese
Olives stuffed with Jalapeno peppers
Olives stuffed with Garlic
Les Moulins Sahli olives
Les Moulins Meski olives with garlic & wild herbs
Isola Italian green Cerignola olives
Katerina's Finest Greek Kalamata Olives

Fentimans herb soft drinks

Seville Orange Jigger - a blend of Mandarin & Seville orange juices, ginger and juniper
Curiosity Cola - A natural herbed blend of Catuaba and ginger.
Cherry Tree Cola - A delicious botanical cherry drink with ginger.
Rose Lemonade - This blush pink lemonade is infused with Bulgarian rose oil.
Victorian Lemonade -  Tart lemonade, blended with ginger root, speedwell & juniper.
Shandy - Hops and Barley, brewed and mixed with lemon juice.
Ginger Beer - Fermented Chinese ginger root extract, lemon, speedwell and juniper.
Dandelion & Burdock - Infusion of these two flowers with a touch of ginger and aniseed.
Tonic Water - The sharp juniper flavor balances perfectly with the bitter sweetness of tonic.

Crackers - perfect for your favorite cheese!

Isola Olive Oil Crostinia
A rustic cracker which owes its humble origins to traditional 
Southern Italian homemade baking. Today the use of the cracker 
remains predominantly the same: serve together with spreads, 
dips, pâté, and cream cheeses to make any occasion memorable. 
I use these for our new hummus and to sample our creamy cheeses.
The rosemary are fantastic added to tomato soup.

Olive Oil Crostini
Rosemary Crostini
Sundried Tomato

Australian Water Wheel Crackers:
   Original, Lemon Myrtle & Tomato
   Tuscan, Sesame & Poppy

Rieme Old Fashioned Limonades - Sparkling waters from France
The Rieme family uses beet sugar, blended into cool water to insure the best possible carbonation, natural flavor and superior quality.
Fantastic as a cool refreshing beverage on a hot day.
And sublime when mixed with your favorite gin or vodka.
Blood Orange
Pink Grapefruit