Whether you're a gourmet chef or someone dabbling in the art of food, cooking with exotic meats and gourmet cheese is an exciting culinary adventure. Our dream is to create a cookbook, but for now, here are a few of our favorite recipes.


Elk *(or antelope) Osso Bucco

Our friends over at "Cooking with Game" have created a wonderful Elk Osso Bucco. We substituted the Elk with Antelope and it was a delicious take on an Italian classic. 


Pear & stilton tart

This pear & stilton tart will impress at your next brunch or dinner party. Slightly sweet and delectably creamy. See the recipe over at Genius kitchen.


Roast wild boar from food 52

A wild twist on a weeknight roast from our friends over at Food52. Fresh thyme, rosemary, and oregano really make the meat standout. Cook medium rare and enjoy.